Team Leader Recommendations custom essay

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1. In this assignment, you will develop your final paper outline. The outline should include comparing and contrasting the ideas you found in the literature, focusing on the following:
Theories and principles.
In addition, include the following in your assignment:
2. Assess which practices are best for team performance in the context of your project topic (See attached word doc)(Clarity and team effectiveness).
3. Include evaluation components for your ideas and your sources.
4. Present your analysis and recommendations clearly.

Part 2
For this final component of the course project, work from the outline created and draw on your analyses. With this information
1. Make a recommendation for team leaders relating to your selected leadership issue (Clarity and Team Effectiveness)(See word doc attached.
This final component should provide a strong rationale for your recommendations. The recommendations should be supported by the literature search you completed (See attached Research files).
2. Explain the primary responsibilities and best practices associated with team leadership roles.
3. Investigate the best practices and potential methods for improving the effectiveness of a team.
4. Analyze the characteristics and variables that make teams effective and ineffective for team leaders and members.
5. Describe how the work processes such as planning, problem solving, decision making, communication, and project management help a team accomplish its goals.
6. Analyze how team-building processes such as communications, trust, and conflict management contribute to positive team relationships and climate.
7. Synthesize team leadership processes.

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