Telecommunications Association (NAATA) on the Japanese-American experience during World War II custom essay

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read this short oral history of her experience and then click on the following link to a website produced by the National Asian American Telecommunications Association (NAATA) on the Japanese-American experience during World War II. (Please click here: Japanese American Internment) Please make sure to read through all three sections: WWII & Roundup, the Camps Experience, and Postwar & Impact Today. After doing so, continue by reading Yen Le Espiritu?s Changing Lives: World War II and the Postwar Years.?

and then answer two questions :

1. With an awareness of the history of the Japanese American internment experience, how did the camps effect the social locations of the Nisei and Issei? How did the camps lead to a shift in the roles of men and women?

2.Valerie Matsumoto’s “Desperately Seeking “Deirde”: Gender Roles, Multicultural Relations, and Nisei Women Writers of the 1930s,” focuses on the writings of Deirde, a second generation Japanese American advice columnist. But as the abstract of this piece suggests, Matsumoto was not so much interested in the advice Deirde was giving her readers as much as she was interested in the questions her readers were asking the “Dear Abby”of their community in the mid-1930s to early 1940s. What were they asking about? From Deidre’s columns, what were some of the concerns of the Japanese-American community during 1935-1941? While it is of extreme importance to study the experience of the Japanese-Americans during World War II , Matsumoto argues that it is also of importance to study the pre-war lives of Japanese-Americans. Why? What did these concerns reveal about the Japanese-American experience in the United States during this time period?

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