Term Paper Vapro Shield Research Paper

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Vapro Shield is a “breathable membrane” that we’ve used in a rainscreen application. Basically, it’s very similar to Goretex fabric, by allowing moisture and vapor to vent from the interior, while keeping moisture out from the exterior. It’s a product that goes up quickly, comes with many accessories (corner flashing, battens, joint tape, etc.) to make installation on walls (and roofs) relatively easy, and works well specifically for rainscreens”.


First of all, this Term Paper is about “Vapro Shield” which is a material and you must focus on details you do not need to have Introduction or conclusion. your research aboutVapro Shield has to answer the flowing: 1- SUSTAINABILITY: Depict the relative sustainability (”greenness”) of the Vapro Shield as comped with the previously cited two materials/systems. If the Vapro Shield qualifies for for LEED points, explain how and quantify. 2- ARCHITECTURAL CONSIDERATIONS: What are the advantages and/or disadvantages of the new material/system Vapro Shield” in term of typical “architectural” considerations, including materiality, aesthetics, “artfulness”, form, function, etc..?

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