The \and the Caribbean – Give an account of Port Royal and its role in the lives of bucaneers Research Paper

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Essay Topic: Give an account of Port Royal and its role in the lives of bucaneers.

-Additional criterias will be attached

-You are expected to have at least 15 PRIMARY and SECONDARY sources in the footnotes and bibliography and the footnote style must be as attached.

-Example of references that you can use is Primary= Alexandre O. Exquemelin, ‘How the Buccaneers Equip their Vessels and their Manner of Living,’ in The Buccaneers of America, [1684], Harmondsworth, Penguin Books, 1969, pp. 70-85.
Secondary= Edward Long, ‘Bucaniers’, The History of Jamaica, vol. 1, section 6, pp.298-309.

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