The Application of Rhetoric in Regulating Wall Street Essay Help

The goal of the essay is to deliver a an argument supporting the regulation of Wall Street and capitalist finance through complex analysis of rhetoric. The essay should: -communicate in a style that engages an academic readership in rhetoric – demonstrate an awareness of how to arrange an effective rhetorical analysis that supports the main topic of the essay. – use and/or adapt typical conventions of academic writing (title, clear argument statement, critical use of academic sources, well ordered paragraphs, accurate citations etc) to support the argument. Ultimately, the goal of the paper is to demonstrate a knowledge of rhetoric (such as pathos/ethos/logos, Rogerian arguments etc) through applying it to support the argument that Wall Street should be regulated. Include examples of the global financial crisis, investment banks recklessly trading derivatives, Congress debates inside the United States senate etc. The references should be academic and peer reviewed, and a heavy emphasis (at least 18 of them) on papers that are rhetoric related. NOTE: the Reference List at the end of the essay is not included within the final word count

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