The Asian Century Research Paper

there are three questions so make three essays Each answer should include references and a reference list and be between 1400 – 1500 words each. Minimum of 10 references per question. i need all the ten references used as in text reference. and put in each two or three sentences in-text reference. Q1- A New World Friedman states that “˜If you believe human wants and needs are infinite,’ said Andresses, “˜then there are infinite industries to be created, infinite businesses to be started and infinite jobs to be done, and the only limiting factor is human imagination'(Frideman 2006, p. 267). Discuss and give an example of new industries and new jobs to illustrate your answer. Q2- Reinvention The Bally case study was an example of a business that had to recreate itself completely to meet the demands of the new global business order. Discuss the concept of reinvention of companies and give one example of a successful company that has recreated itself completely in the current global market place. Remember that there are historical, geographical, political, technological and at times religious reasons to be addressed in this essay. The company can be from anywhere in the world. Q3- The Asian Century Scholars and businesses are talking about the next 100 years being the Asian Century or more precisely the Chinese Century or the ChinIndia century. Do you think that China and other parts of Asia will be the leaders of the business world by the end of this century? Discuss and you can either agree or disagree with the above statement but you must justify your answer.

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