The Case for Reparations.

Instructions: In May 2014 African-American journalist Ta-Nehisi Coate at the Atlantic wrote an article titled The Case for Reparations. It became one of the most widely read articles in the magazine and sparked a national discussion (still ongoing) on race discrimination and American history. First, ascertain What Ta-Nehisi Coates is arguing. What time period is he mostly discussing? (Hint- its NOT slavery) What are his main points? What is his overall thesis? Second, you are to write a critical analysis of the article. You should include topics and events from your readings/visual assignments to support your argument. In other words, you are going to ground your analysis of Ta-Nehisi Coates article in the history we have studied throughout this coursefrom 1865 to present day. So the more specific topics and events from our course you bring up, the more in depth your analysis. Essay should be at least a total of one and a half pages. It should be double spaced. Quotes are fine, but should be kept to a minimum. Do you want your assignment written by the best essay experts? Order now, for an amazing discount.

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