The changes in unemployment statistics overtime, the fluctuations in gdp developing countries custom essay

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1) it can related to business or the social sciences (i.e. the changes in unemployment statistics overtime , the fluctuations in gdp developing countries etc.)
2) required to collect secondary data, from academic journals relating to the subject area.
3) should use scatter diagrams , histograms , pie charts , cumulative frequency curves, measures of average etc. This must be done through Microsoft Excel or another similar software package.
4) Analyse what your data shows , and wherever possible, consider the impact of any extraneous variables. you may also wish to consider any criticism of the data you have used at this point.
5) design your own primary data collection sheet
6) explain why you think your method of collection would improve the quality of the data.
7) quality and depth of critical analysis
8) the accurate referencing of the texts and data sources used in your analysis.
9) Make sure all information is something known by the world or valuable information not something that u think or in your opinion.

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