The experiences of ‘radioactive’ inpatients after being treated with iodine-131 Research Paper

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Which research methodology would be most suited to this research question? Justify your response.
Question 2 (500 words – excluding references)
Provide an annotated bibliography of five published journal articles that you could use in a literature review for this project. Include the full reference for each paper using APA Style.
Question 3 (100 words)
What recruitment/selection process would you undertake to obtain an appropriate sample?
Question 4 (400 words)
What are the ethical considerations of the project? How would you best manage these?
Question 5 (100 words)
You are planning a grant application for funding to undertake this project. Write a 100 word proposal to the funding body.
This assignment will provide you with skills to meet the learning objectives as indicated below:

be aware of the moral and ethical responsibilities associated with scientific investigation;
be able to undertake literature searches using appropriate resources;
be able to effectively communicate through scientific writing;
be able to critically appraise scientific/health journal articles;
understand the basic concepts of research methodology
* the References must be newer than 2007.

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