THE GOAL Book Report / Company Analysis Custom Essay

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1. Write a professional book report on Goldratt, Eliyahu (2004), The GOAL (3rd edition). North River Press, text book (one worthy of publication in an academic journal). Summarize the main themes and critically evaluate the book in light of today’s manufacturing, service, education and government environments. Do not regurgitate the dialogue from the book. This section will likely be 1-2 pages.

2. Choose a company you are very familiar with. Discuss three situations in which the lessons of The Goal can be utilized to dramatically improve performance at that company. Be very specific. Essentially, take on the role of Jonah from THE GOAL and act as consultant to explain a problem and make a recommended improvement, explaining the concepts applied in each case. If you do not have a company that you can use, feel free to use three situations where you are a customer (such as at a bank, movie theater, theme park, DMV, etc.).

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