The impact of hiv and aids epidemic to labor supply in US. custom essay

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It is about the analysis report which use the same topic with my last hypothesis report. i will upload the guildline,the hypothesis report and the example for this analysis report. please see it carefully. thank you.

the guideline for the analysis report:
1. Introduction: summarize your topic briefly.
2. Data
(a) Source(s) of data and variable definitions
(b) Data manipulations
(c) Critical assessment of data
3. Estimated Regression Model
(a) Form of the regression model, definitions of regression
variables and estimation method used.
(b) Hypothesis and other tests
(c) Discussion of regression results
(d) Violations of CLR model
Tables (Tables should not be cut and pasted from CANSIM or SPSS output.)
Raw data
Descriptive statistics
Regression results

This report has two purposes:
(1) Present and discuss the data that you have collected. This requires you to report the raw data, identify the source(s) of the data, discuss important features or limitations of the dataset (including defining all variables) and explain any manipulations of the data required prior to estimation.

(2) Report and discuss your estimated regression model. Why did you choose that particular model specification? What are the results of your hypothesis and any other test(s)? Are there any problems with your model and if so, did you do anything about them or can you say how they may have influenced your estimation results?
The report should be approximately six to seven pages (excluding tables). See below for the suggested outline.

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