The influence of early age/childhood maltreatment and neglect Essay Help

This is a PhD dissertation under the topic of “Attachment theory and juvenile sex offenders: The influence of early age/childhood maltreatment and neglect”. Main concepts of the dissertation should be around ideas about how early age/childhood maltreatment (physical abuse, emotional abuse, etc.) and neglects had the impact on the family relationships, family bonding, and how they had influenced the forming of attachment styles in young individuals and how these attachment styles affected these young individuals to be come juvenile sex offenders. (Tips, this dissertation is mainly focusing on young age groups, so while writing the paper, please keep this in mind. Adults study and results should be limited.) 4 books and some articles as additional files will be uploaded. Files that linked to book 1, 2 and 3 are chapters in general aspects associated to this topic. Book 4 is specifically talked about the relationship between attachment and juvenile sex offenders. To complete this dissertation, future research will be required. If writer has any problems to find any article, please send a message, will upload the article(s) ASAP. This dissertation is in literature review style, so it will not include sections like method and data etc. For more information, a future instruction will be uploaded. This instruction is very important, so please read it carefully. Another thing to say is citation, please cite every time when made a statement, there is no such thing called: over-cite. Thank you VERY much.

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