The New GCC Common Currency custom essay

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The leaders of GCC countries agreed on adopting the Saudi leader King Abdullah???s initiative to unify the member states into a single entity that can meet the aspirations and needs of their people .
The plan of action aims for:
1- Tighter financial cooperation by unifying the currency and developing better internal market policies.
This thesis will be devoted to look after the reasons, the obstacles, and the expected affects of this initiative and how it may achieve those goals successfully.
The New GCC Common Currency
please ntote that my thesis will be 50 pages but i’ll ordering the first 10 pages only and if it turn to be good i’ll order the other 40 from the same writer as well. so please make sure you write it as the first 10 pages.
this is the points i want you to write about:
What is the GCC?
Who is participating in the new GCC common currency? Who isn’t and why?
Countries financial status and currency.

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