The primary source is the movie: Apocalypse Now by Coppola Article Critique Research Paper

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I need a critical essay about the movie. And to support the points, you need to use ATLEAST one of the following articles:
– Stephen Greenblatt’s culture
– W. J. T. Mitchell’s Representation
– Edward Said’s Culture and Imperialism (the section entitled “Two Visions in Heart of Darkness” pp.19-31)

In addition to the primary texts identified above, you must work with at least three critical texts to support your argument.
– At least one of these three critical texts should be from a scholarly journal.
– 1-2 of the critical texts may be taken from the supporting material found in the Norton critical editions of Things Fall Apart and Heart of Darkness that has not been assigned.
– You may also seek out other scholarly critical material that may be found in other books and journals.

I need a thesis paragraph. I also need short paragraphs for each supporting article’s quote describing how it supports the argument.

Finally the bibliography it says other. I need an Annotated Bibliography, with MLA Parenthetical citations.

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