The reunification of Germany was costly but still much quicker and less painful than many people predicted Custom Essay

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Reunification of Korea has still not yet materialized, and is widely predicted to be a much different and more difficult process for the future.

After reviewing the background materials and doing some of your own research on recent developments in Korea, wite a four page paper answering the following questions:

What lessons from the reunification of Germany should be applied to the future reunificaiton of Korea?

What unique challenges will Korea face in its reunification that were different from what Germany faced during its reunification?

Refer closely to the material in the background information. Cite your sources carefully.

Please hand this in by the end of this module.

Case Assignment Expectations

Before submitting your paper make sure the following expectations are met:

1. Your paper should address the two assignment questions directly.
2. Your paper should be focused from beginning to end on these two questions. No need to start off your paper with a long summary of the background materials or a history of Germany and Korea. Instead answer the questions and explain your reasoning.
3. Use proper referencing. This includes both a bibliography at the end as well as referencing within the text
4. Don’t rely only the background materials. Do your own original research as new developments happen in North and South Korea almost every day.

Readings Part I: German Reunification

Schirrmacher, Thomas (2009). Problems with German Reunification. Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics. Retrieved 3/1/12 from
Readings Part II: Korean Reunification (2000). Korean history, Retrieved 3/1/12 from
Dealing with an impossible regime: North Korea (2008). The Economist, 388:8599(September 27). Retrieved 3/1/12 from

ProQuest database.

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