The Seven Deadly Sins: Anger Research Paper

Read Anger by Robert A. F. Thurman. Based on his book, write your opinion, ideas and thoughts about the essay topics: Are we an angry nation? Can we overcome anger using Thurman?s ideas on how to harness and conquer it? (Reference the DVD?s: 12 Angry Men, War of the Roses, Hotel Rwanda, Pulp Fiction). You may bring in outside information to support your essay.

Note to writer: This is an essay for a Seven Deadly Sins course so the subject areas that play a huge role in this course are philosophy and psychology. Please, consider both subject areas for this essay. Support your ideas and base them on the book and DVDs that my professor is asking to reference. Also, to this order, I will send a message to the writer with my school library information to obtain access to articles, journal, info, etc.

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