the walking tour: concerning an issue or event related to Richmond and/or VCU Research Paper

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This wiki will then develop into a 37-minute walking tour of the environs which emphasizes, explains, and discusses the issue. The tour should fall no more than 9 minutes shy of 1 hour, nor should it fall beyond the allotted time by more than 7 minutes

PRIMARY SOURCES for this assignment are very important. Primary sources chronicle events and are written by participants of the events. A reader or a walker always want to see primary sources ? diary entries while a city burned, family bibles, photographs, hand annotated manuscripts, original plates of original places, the original places themselves ? in order to have something to talk about from tour stop to tour stop.
I expect there to be at least 4 primary sources properly referenced within the text of the wiki . Moreover, since primary sources tend to need some explanation, there should be at least 2 secondary sources ? sources which explain/interpret/critique ? for the 4 primary sources.
These sources should fall into the following categories, in any combination but without repeating:
Website (by the second)
Newspaper or serial (daily) article
Magazine or periodical (weekly) article
Academic or scholarly journal (monthly) article
Scholastic peer-reviewed (bi or annual) journal article
Published book (annually)
Some important facets of this tour are necessary to understand in order to get a good, nay, great grade:
This is not an exercise in getting information from one part of the internet and posting it to another. This is not about moving stuff around; it?s about adding to the conversation. It?s about making the old new.

One of the neat things about this is the need to find a particularly Richmond angle and imbue your tour with a particular Richmond-esque-ness.?You need to weigh the conditions and definitions of this space: it is not meant to just imply a limited physical place, but also a cultural identity. As such, many types of histories can fit this assignment? as long as it ultimately has to do with Richmond.

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