Theoretical Foundations in Finance custom essay

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Their are two questions to this essay. I have attached the assignment document under the heading Assignment. Please refer to this for the questions and crietria to be followed.

1) Each question is meant to be one page long (Font: Times New Roman, Size:12 and Spacing: Double spaced). Under the same assignment instructions document (Assignment Sem 1 2012), their is a criteria to be followed. Please follow the ABOVE AVERAGE CRITERIA when doing the assigment. The marks are allocated for Quality not Quantity.

2) Please use Chicago Referencing and please use reliable websites, textbooks and also try include Journal Articles. Please DO NOT use Wikipedia or Investopedia.

3) I have also attached a supplemental note which may help in answering the questions and also the lecture slides related to the questions.

4) Please use in text references and also provide a reference list at the end of the assignment stating the sources used.

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