This is an exercise in reflection on the lessons of history, where they come from, and where they lead in terms of their influence on the development of the enduring characteristics of Asian society, and (if you wish) what they mean for things that are happening now Research Paper

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You should be working on these Essays Assignments continuously, and your work should have the polished feel of being the result of a steady, daily progression of thought and reflection. You can never tell when insight will strike, so you should get into the habit (now) of taking notes as we go along of things like this that occur to you; carry a little notebook and pen around with you always (except in the shower) it’s a habit that will serve you very well indeed for all kinds of purposes. Polish, embellish, and refine your insights as you go. Don’t even think about trying to sit down to compose these essays all at once it’s a daunting, unproductive, and highly improbable prospect. If it appears that you have slapped together this assignment at the last minute, your grade will suffer for it.
Everything you write for these assignments must be entirely in your own words, however humble. Plagiarism will result in your eviction from this course. Do not cite or recite anything I already know what happened in history, so what I want is your insight as to the implications of your topics. I want to see evidence that you’re thinking things through in these matters and wondering about what it all means. Any citation of material from any other sources will result in a mark-down of your grade.
You must write on five (5) separate topics for each Essays Assignment. Your five essays should be clearly segregated from each other–do not submit them run together into one big essay.

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