This is the Case Study: Evaluation and Morale custom essay

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The morale of a staff nurse on a particular unit is very low. The reason is due to the outcome of her performance appraisal conference with the nurse manager. Comments by the nurse manager seemed”out of the blue” and focused on a single event that happened months ago, discounting all her good nursing care. The nurse feels that she entered the evaluation conference without any idea that the manager attached so much importance to a one-time behavior. The performances the nurse feels good about are not included in the nurse manager’s written report. The staff nurse is feeling an increasing level of stress and anxiety. Communication is guarded, adding to the strife and poor working relationships.
1. Apply principles from this chapter to analyze the problem
2.Recommend an approach to solving this deteriorating situation
3.List as many causes as you can think of for the nurse manager’s behavior. Keep in mind that there are two sides to every story.

The text is Leadership and Management in Nursing (fourth edition)
Chapter 11 Monitoring and Improving Performance

Authors Mary Ellen Grohar-Murray and Joanne Langan

Write a 2- 3 page paper (APA format) answering the questions at the end of the Case Study: Evaluation and Morale p. 231 in the text. In your paper:

? Examine problems specific to the case
? Apply principles to analyze the problems with supporting rationale
? Support the recommendation of an approach to solving this deteriorating situation
? Justify your explanation for the nurse manager’s behavior

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