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This assignment asks you to reflect on change management principles and theories and to critically apply them. The House Sector (not alone) faces a great deal of political, economic and legislative change which impacts on its customers and its ability to delivery services. This assignment gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your up-to-date knowledge of this changing context.
You will need to provide an articles of not more than 2,500 words, including recommendations, good practice examples, which will be read by housing professionals across Britain.

The Task:
Write an Article which will be published in a housing journal with the title: Delivering and managing Social Housing in a context of change.

The Article should consider the following:-
1) The context of change and the forces which drive change. This must be up-to-date paying particular attention to the changes since the new UK coalition government come to power in May 2010 and the impact of their policies and legislation on Social Housing Sector. Looking at the Localism Act implications and the Welfare Benefit reform proposals and the surrounding political debate.
2) Management theory and principles – examining ideas on change management. The Article need to show readers how they might start to manage the impact of change in their own Organisations through use of a number of frameworks and theories (for example Kotter’s 8 steps)
3) Critical application of frameworks and theories to practical examples. For good levels of critical analysis, they must be applied and analysed in the context of practical examples used in the Article – what works and what does not.
Recommendations, based on your analysis of change management theories through application to practice examples should be clearly expressed to the readers in the piece – use a couple of practical illustrative examples seen in other Organisations. (May also wish to focus on specific methods for introducing change in the housing sector)

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