Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings: An American Controversy by Annette Gordon-Reed custom essay

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1. Based on the info. given in the book, what is your position on the opposed relationship between Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings? Do you believe Thomas Jefferson is the farther of Sally’s children? How do the Carr brothers fit into the mix?Why might Thomas Jefferson have given freedom to the Hemings children other than if they were his own?[Cite specific evidence in the book to support your thoughts]
2. Why do you think after two hundred years this is still a controversy?

Part #2: Using additional sources, answer the following: (min. of two please)
3. What does DNA research confirm concerning Jefferson,Hemings, and the Carr brothers? Does the new DNA evidence change your initial position on the farther of Sally’s children?
4. What are other possibilities/theories are there for the farther of Sally Hemings’ children?
5. Why do you think there is so much tension between the two lines of descendants?

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