Turkish Energy Strategy in the 21st Century

You will develop a research paper reflecting the subjected assignment title.Reference is being made to our course which shall explore significant diplomatic issues such as Turkey’s application to become a member of the European Union; I am proposing to emphasise my research paper on Turkey’s energy profile, taking the rapidly growing economy in consideration and how did Turkey become one of the fastest growing energy markets in the world. I wanted to refer also to the recent high-level dialogue on energy between EU and Turkey, which took place back in January 2016, in some areas of my research, to enrich the content with what has been developing recently in the domestic sphere of Turkey.Yet; I am intending to explore the energy strategy being implemented as such, which is considering becoming a key transit country; involving fossil fuels, renewable and nuclear sectors. Keep in mind that the assigned issues can be very complex and that there are no €˜right’ or €˜wrong’ answers. Your task is to make as convincing of an argument as possible.You will be required to finalize a 15-page paper (double spaced, 12-inch font) that deals with my subject matter. In this research you are required to summarize/synthesize and represent the ideas clearly. It is your task to look up sound and academically credible information by reviewing material that is available in the textbooks, databases or on specific sites on the internet or at the library.Also keep in mind that the outline at the beginning of the research is also required; in addition to adhering to the thesis statement as such.Thesis Statement: Energy security is one of the main challenges of the post-Cold War era. Developed and developing countries are dependent on energy producing countries. However, energy producers sometimes use their energy supplies as a strategic weapon to leverage their political aims. This creates an unsecure situation between consumers and producers. Turkey’s natural energy corridor situation as a means of interdependence to mitigate the relations between consumers and producers in advantage of its energy security shall be examined within my research paper. Thus, my research would examine Turkey’s energy relationships between energy consumers and producer countries; As Turkey has a unique position which provides the best option for peace and stability in regard to energy security.

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