UAE and the Aluminium Industry in GCC custom essay

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The followings are some expectations from the teacher based on the sample attached for reference; refer to Sample of work.pdf file:
So, let me begin with the wording from the syllabus and I quote; “Compare and Contrast the Development of Various Market Structures using the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and International Examples.”
As I was saying in class last evening, you start the process with reading the article written by Dalip K. Das: China and India: A Tale of Two Economies. You will notice a set of key words the author has selected on page 1 of the article, words like; economics reform, comparative analysis, Chinese economy, and Indian economy.
You should start with a basic introduction of the countries as separate entities. The next step should be directed towards your selection of the business sector of the countries and a research based analysis of the past, present, and the future trends in economic terms. For example, if you go back to Mr. Das’s article, you will notice on page 4, a heading; II. Income and Poverty Trends. As you work yourself down the page you will run across; 1. Comparison of long-term income trends, and so-on and so-on. From your own research of economic trends, you should by now have noticed a similarity of issues that can be brought forth and discussed as Mr. Das has done with the section III. Why India Lagged Behind China?
And, once again, I will quote from Mr. Das’s paper on how you should go about finding the structure and depth to take the conversation forward. “When China launched its reforms in 1978, it was poorer than India.” And, “China adopted market economic philosophy and moved pragmatically toward an open market economic system.” In section IV of the paper Mr. Das talks about the; Sustainability and Attainability of High Growth Rate, where he starts the conversation with a question and I quote; “Whether China can sustain its higher real GDP growth trajectory over the medium-term, and whether India can attain a comparable one.”
You complete the paper (final project) with a section as Mr. Das has done very well; V. Conclusion and Summary. In the end, follow the lead with what Mr. Das has developed at the start, in the center, and the end. Please don’t forget to place your Reference section at the end of the paper.
To end my Expectations for Assessments # 2 explanations, I know that you are not professional writers, but it will benefit you to write in a professional manner. Your paper and writing affects your ability to shape ideas, build a case, persuade others, and in the end win support. Conveying a clear message is vital, especially if you want to persuade others, explain your strategy, ask questions, or introduce ideas.
I hope this helps you and the team in building a successful, challenging with a large amount of information, clear and unclear issues and opportunities on which to capitalize a great project, and in the end, let me wish you all, the best of luck.
Topic: UAE and the Aluminium Industry in GCC

Relevant materials are attached for reference. You may not need to stick to these references if you have other sources for information. Also a number of useful links attached too for reference.
The report shall include the purpose:
• Mainly to focus on the aluminium business industry in the UAE.
• Opportunities on Aluminium compared to other metals.
• Prices forecast for the aluminium metal
• The growth of the aluminium business in the GCC region and the world.
• Some comparison between the UAE and the other regions from the aluminium growth and market point of view.
The project report shall be structured as follows:
1. Introduction (on aluminium industry in general)
2. Aluminium demand compared to other metals
3. Supply and demand growth
4. Aluminium price forecast
5. UAE and the aluminium business
6. GCC countries future on aluminium business compared to other regions considering the financial situation and energy scarcity
7. Emissions control and limitations
8. Aluminium smelters in the GCC – Comparison, size, capacity
9. Aluminium Industry and uses. E.g. Cables, Automotive, Airplanes
10. Row material scarcity
11. Efficiency improvement and its impact on the business
12. Conclusion

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