UK – Criminology Research Paper

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The August 2011 riots in England have prompted a great deal of speculation and discussion in terms of their causes. Critically analyse the causes of these riots using two theories of criminological behaviour.
You should choose 2 theories from the following:

� Ecological theories,
� Anomie theory,
� sub cultural theory,
� Labelling theory.

You will be expected to explain the premise of the theories you choose and to illustrate their application to criminological behaviour. You should do this by identifying major contributors/theorists in that area and explaining the studies undertaken. However, you should not confine yourself to describing and explaining the theories but should also be able to evaluate their relevance in respect of the events outlined above. How helpful are the theories in explaining what caused the riots?
You should employ established theoretical sources in order to answer the question. Basic web based sources such as newspaper reports will provide a statistical or journalistic context only. You may consider earlier episodes of violent disorder in the UK if you wish, including official responses.
Some generic advice regarding assignment.

You have been asked to select two theories of criminological behaviour from a list of four. You need to be able demonstrate that you understand how the theory is constituted and that you are able to apply it to the situation we’ve identified. We are basically asking you to adopt a pair of ‘academic spectacles’ with which to view the situation, does it explain what happened adequately?
Ensure you are using quality sources.

Word limit: you must complete the assignment in a maximum of 3,025 words. Footnotes and bibliography are not included in the word count. Please do not abuse footnotes: they are not to be used for ‘hiding’ text that should be in the main body of your work.

Please use the footnotes reference system… example is in additional files.

Please remember that is FIRST CLASS ESSAY.

Please respect the deadline, I cant give you more time to do the work. Deadline is final.

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