Unit 2 Ancient egypt Research Paper

Assessment Task 2: Lesson Sequence This task has two parts. Part 1: Design a sequence of 4—6 lessons in your discipline area that incorporate opportunities for literacy/numeracy learning and at least one other general capability from the Australian Curriculum. You will demonstrate your ability to design learning opportunities that are systematically structured, include well organised classroom activities and clear directions, set achievable learning goals, and use a range of effective teaching strategies. Part 2: Write a justification for your sequence of lessons drawing on relevant literature concerning: ? learning and development in your discipline area ? curriculum design ? contemporary pedagogical approaches ? multiple teaching strategies ? inclusive participation Topic must be on Unit 2 Ancient Egypt and its area of outcomes. The PDF document is located on :https://www.vcaa.vic.edu.au/Documents/vce/history/HistorySD-2016.pdf / and its located on page 35 I have included an example of what the lesson plan should look like. Must have it by next Monday morning. Thankyou

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