Victoria was Queen of England for more than 60 years (1837–1901) Custom Essay

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Victoria was Queen of England for more than 60 years (1837–1901). Her reign gave England tremendous, almost unprecedented political stability. This monarchical continuity was especially striking in light of the many changes that occurred during the Victorian period, which ranged from political changes (such as the revolutions of 1848) to philosophical changes (Charles Darwin and Karl Marx both published their seminal works during this time) and economic changes, as the Industrial Revolution forged ahead. Resource: “The Victorian Age” (pp. 1885–2291) in The Norton Anthology of English Literature Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper in which you analyze the relationship between change and continuity as viewed through the lens of Victorian poetry. Analyze the poetry of one author or examine poems by more than one author to provide different interpretations of this relationship. Provide specific textual evidence to support your position. Format citations and references to The Norton Anthology consistent with APA guidelines. You may reference additional sources, but they are not required.

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