Video Documentary: Between the Wars: The Great Depression Custom Essay

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1) What belief did the Great Depression challenge about America?

2) Where does the story of the Great Depression start “out of sight” of most Americans?

3) What factors caused the change in life for professional farmers?

4) How did Blacks attempt to improve their lives between the years 1900-1918? What was the impact of their efforts?

5) Who was blamed for the violent strike in Gastonia, NC? What was the real cause of the problems that led to the strike?

6) How did the Great Depression impact other nations? Give examples…

7) How did President Hoover view the federal government’s role in combating the Great Depression?

8) Describe the different ways the middle class were hurt by the Great Depression…

9) What events and situations led Americans to develop an anti-European attitude?

10) What powerful lesson did Americans learn from the Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression?

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