Vitoria And Albert Museum: Strategic analysis about Victoria and Albert Museum in London Custom Essay

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Matt Lewis, the newly appointed quality and operations manager at the V&A, London, was reviewing the progress the organisation over the last few years.

For the past two weeks Lewis and group of department managers have been discussing a number of organisational issues that presented challenges to the V&A

The conundrum faced by Matt Lewis is how to increase the revenue generating potential of the V&A without diluting the core values and beliefs of the business. (Public Sector)

Three major issues had been identified:
1. A drop in custom due to economic downturn.
2. Poor motivation within the workforce due to the constant threat of redundancy.
3. Increased competition from other museum and other London attraction

These issues weighted on Lewis’s mind as he wondered what he should do

Address the following issues and questions:

1. Compare and contrast three different definition of strategy, then suggest definition based on your comparative work.
2. Using at least two models of your choosing analyse the current situation that the V&A finds itself in. Visit Porters ‘Generic strategies’s model and justify which of the generic strategies would be most suitable for the business to follow.

The V&A is looking to ensure the long term sustainability to its business, however given current external environmental issues, it is concerned over the demands this may place on its already depleted workforce and budget. Suggest two specific tactics that the V&A may utilise in order to minimise these issues. Undertake a strengths and weaknesses assessment of these two proposed strategies, coming to a conclusion which justifies which you will carry forward to assessment two.

This assessment will be submitted as a 2,100 words briefing report . You should assume the stance of Manager submitting a report to their supervisors. You may make extensive use of detailed appendices to support your analytical comments.

1. critically evaluate the strategic business environment and analyse the way that strategies evolve in a range of private and public sector organisations, through the use of theories and models in the strategy literature

2. Critically evaluate core competencies and the strategic choices that organisations make towards meeting market needs and stakeholder expectations

Noted: You are required to use 2 models at least, one model must be PEST analyse and another you can choose whatever relate to business strategy.
About similar museum is natural history museum, science museum

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