wayfinding information design

Prepare a report analyzing the wayfinding information design (signs, maps, directions, and other signifiers) of two similar public places (two different grocery stores, two different parks, two different shopping malls, etc.). You should describe and evaluate the following artifacts for both chosen locations: I want it on Saint Louis, MO Signs and their content, including: Layout of information Colors used Typography used Wording/text used Placement (where signs are located) Branding/consistency (features that unite the place as a whole) Symbols and maps used (any detailing of movement, orientation, spatial relationships, or situational geography) Form/media chosen for communication Elements that evoke emotional reactions to the environment (if any) As part of your analysis, you will need to take photos of each artifact you will evaluate, and keep a notebook to record your notes (locations, reminders, understanding/confusion felt, etc.) as you go. You can then compile your photos and notes to help you begin your information design analysis. The report should include photos of all artifacts discussed, each labeled as a numbered figure for easy reference in the text of the report. Discuss and evaluate the clarity of the message/information conveyed by the artifacts (individually and as a whole), using the course readings as a guide. After the analysis of each location, conclude by comparing and contrasting the effectiveness of each location’s information design. You should focus more on quality of the report rather than the length. Make sure that you have covered each of the elements required above in sufficient detail.

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