What can the EU’s partnership and cooperation agreements with Russia achieve? What are the main policy issues at stake in Russia’s relations with the EU. custom essay

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The most important thing about answering this question is answering it as fully as possibly. It needs to be an academic piece of essay with academic references.
Make sure that you give examples and those examples are well-explained and explored. Any critical views you may bring across, make sure you support them with literature. You cannot make vague claims and live them open-ended.
The essay should have a clear intro of what it will be and at the end of it it should include a conclussion. It MUST answered from the ?Europeanisation perspective as the name of the course is Politics of Eurpeanisation. More theory should be applied to support the answering of this question.
Overall, this should be a well-thought-out piece of work, intelligent and to the point and most importantly, answering the question as cleverly as possible.
It need to be an analytical piece of work with a clear structure. The quality of the discussion should be clear, concise and to the point.

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