What is the key to Turkish Airlines profitability? Essay Help

The report should be prepared using a text editor such as Word, single spaced, font size 12, Times New Roman. Please include the module name, case name, name at the top left corner. The report will be graded on accurate interpretation of concepts, appropriate application, clarity of communication and references and evidence of research. Word limit: 1500 words Questions for Turkish Airlines Due Date 31st May 2016 at 9pm via email to Tony 1. Review the strategic fit between the target market, business model, operations strategy and systems and implementation at Turkish Airlines? 2. What is the key to Turkish Airlines profitability? What are the advantages of Turkish Airlines compared to its competitors? 3. Is it possible to implement a high quality/high efficiency dual strategy in an expanding network like Turkish Airlines? Feel free to use any external information to establish context with regards to the industry and the company up to 2010. You also can use any of the information from our course. While you are more than welcomed to discuss these questions from a strategy and marketing perspective, operations focused discussions should be emphasized. Guidelines: Content is about the basic answer. Did you answer the question? Was it a correct, well organized and discussed answer? Depth is about whether the answer is above and beyond what the average answer entails. Is there evidence of critical thinking, good use of external sources, a very well thought out, well positioned argument? Use of models, frameworks to structure the discussion can help. Please cite the external sources you used to formulate your responses appropriately (i.e. show citation in the text and provide a reference list.

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