Why do Successful Companies Fail Research Paper

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Remember you are not writing about the workshop and you should be focusing on general ‘rules’ or patterns of behaviour that commonly apply to successful companies that have fallen from grace.

You must reference your work.
Hand in will be monitored so do not attempt to hand in in the later week if you are not entitled.
(The easiest way to work this out is to think whether you did the Kodak session last week beg. 13th or the week before beg. 6th)

Assignment guidelines and criteria are the same as for the previous ‘dummy’ hand ins.

Link is Assignment section
• You should read the work of Donald Sull (also visit his website)
Why Good Companies Go Bad by Donald N. SullSource: Harvard Business Review. Publication date: Jul 01, 1999.
Donald Sull 2005 “Ingrained success breeds failure,” Financial Times. 3 October 2005.

You should do your own research to expand on this

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