Why do you think the other two employees said nothing Custom Essay

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Once I started the new process the very first time I did this, along with requests with receipts I found and IOU from one of the AP clerks who was authorized to handle petty cash. Upon further investigation I found that one of the employees would write IOU’s to the company and then take petty cash for this or that. She would always pay it back at the next payday. Although sounds innocent enough we had policies about employees borrowing funds from the company and they said that the company would not loan an employee money as a rule. Exceptions would be approved by a manager and an agreement would be signed. Needless to say this employee got in trouble, was no longer able to have access to the cash and was eventually fired for other performance issues. My bigger concern was the other two employees knew what she was doing and said nothing.

My question for you is why do you think the other two employees said nothing? (they had never did the IOU themselves) Do you consider this fraud or bad judgement?

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