Women are More Skillful in Achieving Relational Satisfaction Than Men Research Paper

Annotated Bibliography, specifically each annotation should contain the following: 1) The author(s)’ rationale that led hypothesis and/or research questions. Briefly summarize the literature and theoretical framework guiding each study; 2) List each hypothesis and/or research question; 3) summarize the method used in each study, which includes: a) participant description, b) research procedure—how was data collected? And c) instrumentation—how were the variables measured or manipulated? 4) Describe how the authors addressed each hypothesis/research question (that you listed above)–were they supported/confirmed or not? (5) Mention any striking/relevant conclusions and/or implications from the study results that the authors discuss/highlight. (6) Finally, end your annotation by discussing the relevance of each study to the paper project, which is women are more skillful in achieving relational satisfaction than men. Specifically, how does each study contribute to the paper’s logic and argumentation?
1. A generic measure of relationship satisfaction. by Susan Hendrick 1988
2. Linking conflict management behaviors and relational satisfaction: the intervening role of conflict outcome satisfaction.by Duncan Cramer 2002
3. Domains of expressive interaction in intimate relationships: Associations with Satisfaction and Commitment. by Susan Shpreher, Sandra Metts, Brant Burleson, Elaine Hatfield, Alicia Thompson 1995
4. Women , men and management styles. by Marie – Therese Claes 1999
5. Gender Differences in Perceived Disciplinary Fairness. by Nina Cole 2004

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