Write a discussion paper about an analysis of the ethics issues related to your area of specialization. MS in Psychology specialization. I want to be a forensic psychologist that helps ones that lost a loved on. Law Enforcement, Society, inmates… Provide specific examples. No title page needed. Please cite in paper any resources used. Please write down all references used to write discussion paper. This paper will be turned in to data base turnitin.com to check the paper. custom essay

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With knowledge comes power. As learners and bearers of knowledge, it is vital to understand the ethical implications of that knowledge. Psychology influences all areas of human existence, and thus ethical concerns can arise in all areas that you touch. Psychologists address potential ethical issues in teaching, research, practice, consultation, and management. Psychology is even more far-reaching in that it impacts your values, morals, and policies. In this Discussion, you will address various ethical implications of your MS specialization.

To prepare:
Read the articles in this week’s Learning Resources, considering specific ethical issues that arose as you learned about theories/issues and problems related to your MS in Psychology specialization. Also, pay particular attention to the moral obligations of psychology professionals in addressing social issues/problems.

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