Personal Statement

When presenting a personal statement, you essentially market yourself in the process of applying for an admission into an institution or such other highly competitive institution. As such one needs to be extremely careful when writing a personal statement. There is no particular way in which a personal statement is written. However, its presentation is critical in the way the selection panel will interpret and understand your personality. Therefore creativity, brevity and clarity are some of the key guidelines that will gauge how well or otherwise your personal statement is presented. There are two broad types of personal statements. The first one is a general comprehensive personal statement which usually gives you maximum liberty on what you write.

This type of a personal statement is commonly requested for admission into a law or medical school. Secondly we have a personal statement which is a response to very specific issues. Commonly associated with business and management schools, this type of personal statement responds to a set of questions being asked. The response to these questions must specifically address the questions asked. Before writing a personal statement, ensure you bear in mind your special, unique and impressive personal attributes like compassion, integrity et cetera that you have. Also remember to consider the important experiences that have shaped, and influenced your goals in life. A good personal statement should include clues on how you became interested in the field or the school of your interest, your career goals, career experience and skills like leadership or communication if any and what compelling reasons you have that can make the receiver interested in you. One thing that you have to prove is being different, lively and fresh. That will definitely put you ahead of the rest. If you have more questions or need help regarding writing a personal statement, fill free to contact us.  ❶ Personal Statement 5 Stars Rating 5 Stars Rating

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