Book Report Of Stephen Kings the Gunslinger Dark Tower Custom Essay

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Stephen Kings the Gunslinger Dark Tower 1 Book Report
This is a book review of the book “The Gunslinger: The Dark Tower, Book 1 which is authored by King, Stephen and Whelan, Michael the book was published by Viking Adult in 2003. The book is a fiction horror novel, which the authors developed a story of Gunslinger Roland whose main quest was to catch the black man which is one of his steps to meet his ultimate goal of getting the dark tower which is in the other six series….

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The basic conflict in the story is on how Gunslinger Roland was friendly to those people he meet along his journey. The story is much suspenseful and is able to maintain the reader to continue reading it. Therefore the reader can not predict on the next move of the story, the story is set in an ancient American Old West which was politically organized along the lines of feudal society…..

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In conclusion the book is good because it enables the reader to associate with the characters in guest of finding the black man. Which, in life each one has their quest which mostly we give up due to challenges. The book is a good example of a brave character that would go for any length to meet their goals. The expectation of getting the black man after such determination and commitment was met. I would recommend it to others to read so that they shall be inspired and determined to meet their set goals or objectives as well….

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