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This assignment shall evaluate three approaches of application of Business Intelligence (BI). Business intelligence has a broad category of technologies and applications which are applicable in different sectors of the economy and are used in aiding of decision making. The applications collect data, analyze it, generate highly customizable reports and store the data and the information processed in an easy way for its retrieval. The information analyzed has historical factors, current operations and future operations of any business organization.

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In layman term, GIS is the combination of database and cartography technology. Familiarity of application services offered to the consumer like finding driving direction by the use GPS (global positioning system) programs on their hand device or via mobile phone. This is just an example of how consumer interacts and relates with GIS services (Tomlinson, 2008).

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The systems are used to solve problems in geographical data the data which are used by the system are vectors which are a precise point in a geographical region this could be a specific point such as a bus terminal, a spring/river source or even a well it is very specific. The other form of data is pictorial by use of aerial photograph for a geographical region.

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