Client Server Architecture History and Current status of the technology Custom Research Paper

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Client Server architecture is connectivity of two or more computers in a network to share resources. The connectivity has two types of computers the server and the client computer. A server computer is the main computer which has advanced hardware and software which are accessed and shared by other computers which are connected to it. However, the client computer is a computer with fewer resources and operates by sending requests to the server for execution and processing.

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Examples of Client-Server Architecture and Its Use. Client server architecture relationship is based on two computer programs one is installed in the server computer which is known as the server program while the other is installed in the client computer and it is know as the client program. The client program makes service request from the server program which responds depending on the requests made. The most commonly technologies which are based on Client server architecture are email exchange, web access and database access (Callaghan, Et al 2006)…

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Use of servers have centralized operations which necessitate for more strict security measures to be put in place to ensure that data or information kept in it is secure. Therefore there will be need to store the servers in a secure place and prevent them from an authorized access or other risks which would jeopardize their contents. It is also important to back up their contents frequently and store the back ups at an off site for recovery incase it fails. In more advanced setups especially where there are a lot of transactions which the organization or company can not afforded to delay services or loss any data due to its implications such as banking sectors. There are mirrored servers which are set up at different locations which synchronize with each other (Floriani, Et al 2000).

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