Concepts and Knowledge Essay Custom Research Paper

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The world of sports has witnessed unprecedented competition in the field of sports, with physical advantage being challenged as participants seen as underdogs have been seen to beat the top dogs. To this effect, various studies and prepositions akin to interdisciplinary approaches have been made to explain different phenomena in the world of sports. Some of the underpinnings of sports have been discussed forthwith…..

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like any other undertaking in life. This is to mean that excellence or success in sports transcends physical fitness and genetically endowed attributes (Brewer, B. 2009). On the contrary, attribution theory has it that the key element in good sportsmanship is perception. While in a nutshell attribution theory attempts to explain results in relation to cognitive perception, the bottom line of the theory is that an individual should be able to explain his own actions….

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It therefore remains lucid that either in sports or in other non- sports sector, success is as a result of the dabbling eccentric factors in a delicate balance. The vindication of the above facts are made legitimate by several cases where individuals who are disabled and as such considered underdogs have outwitted or outshone the top dogs. The budding of Paralympics underscores this fact in the world of sports. That Tony Melendez is a renowned guitarist receiving various awards from Pope Benedict XIV in the face of being bereft of limbs speaks of the inextricable place of determination and felicity mental condition as the bedrock of success…..

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