Critical Areas of the Operating Budget for Next Year and the Capital Budget Custom Research Paper

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Business plan for Superior Living Inc
This business plan is for Superior Living Inc. which is a private company in the United States. The company target market is the United States consumers aged between 21 to 54 years who buy their home furniture. The company has six product lines which includes durable rentals, outdoor patio, children’s furniture, space saver, rare woods and luxury which earns the company revenue of US$250. The company wants to go public in the next six to eight months through Initial Public offering (IPO) and it is also as well aggressively pursuing new business opportunities….

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The company has some short-term debts which are being due and there is need to manage them so that they do affect the cash flow of the company. According to (Teruel, 2001) payment of debts if not well managed it would drain the finances of the company therefore it is important to prioritize on the payment schedule…..

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To decide on the investment to make it should be one whose returns are greater or equal to the average cost of capital. When sourcing for an investment it is very important to evaluate it appropriately to ensure that it is worth to invest in. Without good evaluation through a structured decision making process the company would end up investing in an investment which will not be having returns…

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