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This is a research paper which evaluate on four assessment tools which will be used to evaluate the performance of the students. The students are being trained on developed curriculum which has its deliverables and must be accomplished by the end of the semester. But as the semester ends its important to evaluate the students if they have been able to get what was intended of them. The assessment shall also serves as an indicator to determine if the standards set by the curriculum are being met. The four assessment tools to be used in this paper are; Observations, Checklists, Student Portfolios and Interviews which I shall illustrate on how they will be used…..

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According to Elaine (2000) use of checklist tool is most effective when it is used together with student portfolio or observation. The check list is specific to the students who are being assessed; it is also customized to meet their needs and the intended outcome. The checklist is filled in by the trainer as they observe the behavioral change of the students during the training. The checklist also tracks or development of the student over the training period because it is used at different stages of the training. It also as well maintains a reliable continuity from one assessment to the other ……

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Conducting assessment during the training and at the completion of the training session enables the trainers and curriculum developers to improve on its contents. The curriculum also has standards which are set on its format and delivery methods which are as well assessed if they had been met (Rose, 2008). The training environment is also a factor which needs to be evaluated if it compromises the standards of the curriculum in any way.

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