Discrimination against Persons with Disability Custom Research Paper

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People with disability are mostly discriminated by employers in regards to recruitment, training, remunerations and promotion. The American Government legislated Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which was enacted in July 26, 1990. The Act prevents such violations and employers who defy it are prosecuted. Since its legislation cases of discrimination has declined although most of them do occur at place of work and are not reported to the authority for action…..

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Therefore employers should not discriminate them when hiring, Job training, retaining, promotions considerations and their terms of employment should not be different with other employees who has the same qualifications and does the same job (Margery, 2005)….

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It is important for the society in general in a working or social gathering to treat such disadvantaged people with respect. It is unethical when one is communicating to them or referring to them as handicapped this portray that they are beggars….

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