E-Learning Solutions Custom Research Paper

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Electronic learning (E-Learning) is a type of technology which is used by training institutions to disseminate knowledge via electronic media. Especially by use of the internet, the technology utilizes existence of computer networks such as local area network, wide area network, intranet and internet. It has different forms of delivery and it could be done by use of video conferencing, emails, websites and use of CD-ROMS and other storage media which has the training materials. Therefore it encompasses both web based training (WBT) and Computer Based Training (CBT). In this paper I shall evaluate on the E-Learning solutions which would be used to make the process much better and efficient (Jean and Morgan, 2009)……

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McClintock, (2009) user friendliness of the E-Leaning infrastructure is of essence when one is selecting the appropriate E-Learning facility of choice. User friendliness makes it easier for the learners to easily locate the training materials needed and also saves on time they spend leaning. The reason why most of the students opt for E-Learning is because they have less time at their disposal for learning therefore a user friendly interface and systems makes them utilize the few hours they have effectively…..

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Organization of the content being taught is of essence to consider because it shows on how organized the program is. The materials should be able to arrange on an easy and logical way depending on the development of the course. The information should also be relevant effective to address on the needs of the students otherwise they would rarely select a program whose contents are not relevant to the objectives which they want to attain at the end of the course.

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