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Private speech or inner speech is that private thought on a Childs mind, either thought aloud or silently. The thought are for oneself purposes for the purpose of self-regulation; a child want to have a pony but cant have one so they take a stick and assumes it’s a horse in their own thoughts, another example is when children play they tend to talk to themselves, they express themselves this way by thinking out loud, this also happens in adulthood, and is used to control behavioral pattern of one being.

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Vygotsky (1934/1986) believes that a child cognitive growth is affected by the socialism to individualism. In other words the growth of a child is affected by the relationship of the mother through the parental interaction of the two. Importance of social context and culture in learning is mostly emphasized by Vygotsky (1978, 1981, and 1986) in understanding private speech his thesis evolves through three central concepts: semiotic meditation, zone of proximal development and internalization (Berk, & Diaz, 2004).

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In conclusion the thesis would be beneficial to teachers to asses and monitor the development of child knowledge, the need for lower grade children to have ample time in playing is essential, as playing influences this speech, the teacher here is supposed to be monitoring the activities of the child so as to ascertain and guide the child to development toward intended goals.

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