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This case study is an evaluation and extraction of advice from knowthis.com. The evaluations being done are based on its website knowthis.com (2009). The website has Tutorials on Principles of Marketing which are educative and informational to those who wish to learn more on marketing principles or for the marketers who need quick refresher. The tutorials are accessible to any one who would open the website and it is inclusive of a wide scope of marketing principles from the definition of marketing to today technologically support marketing such as internet marketing.

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After success advertising campaign it is also important to promote sales. Sales promotions supplement promotional messages to be much more effective in wooing potential customers to purchase the companies goods or services. It is meant to encourage customer response to try new products that eventually end up being return customers for the same service or produce.

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In advertising the tutorials has proposed use of multimedia mode of advertisements and placing of adverts and promotional materials in websites for ease access. Websites plays a major role as a marketing tool, customers are able to have access to the products or services information which are being offered by organizations.

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