Freedom of information In Australia Research Paper

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Australian Government has provided every citizen the right to be informed by its constitution which gives them decisive control over the operations of the government. It is essential for the citizen to be given such opportunity to scrutinize the information of ministries, or government agencies. The constitution of Australia has formulated Freedom Administration law which is the law that mainly regulates government decision making . The law taken in to consideration is “Freedom of Information Act 1982” which was legislated to guarantee access to data/information which is held by the state.

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He should further stress on his arguments using Section 36 (1) (a) states that data or information which would disclose matter which relate to nature of advice, opinion or recommendations which would be recorded or consulted.

Although Josephine would be right to request for the article and the letter her intention seemed to be witch hunting and had a wrong motive. Hence, AUSTRADE would classify the article and the letter as exempted documents for access or would not be requested to be accessed.

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Josephine would only be favored by conclusions of the case if AUSTRADE arguments that the article and the letter ought to be classified as internal working documents and requires privacy is overruled. Such ruling would be based on scrutiny of the article and the letter to determine if truly they conform to the requirements of Part IV of Exempt documents sections 36 and 41 which elaborates on internal working documents and documents affecting personal privacy respectively.

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