Futures and Forward Contracts: Sydney Futures Exchange Custom Essay

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Futures and forward contracts are mode of contracts which are done to hedge on the price of commodities or foreign exchange in for its future anticipated price. Forward contract is mainly a private contract which is set between the seller and the buyer which both agree to sell and buy a specific quantity of the agreed commodity at the prices they have agreed. According to Lioui and Poncet, (2005 pp 138)….

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Sydney future exchange which is an Australian company which deals with both option exchange and future exchange listed future contracts on the 50 Leaders index in 1992. The contracts which were subsequently delisted two years later and only 205 contacts were ever traded. Therefore the 50 Leaders index futures contracts were unsuccessful and were closed out in advance before they were traded…

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In conclusion the deposit must be readjusted to the market value as the future contract changes. The account would be closed by either delivering or receiving the items by entering into offsetting contract or paying out receiving cash (Correia Et al. 2007 pp 74). The customer selling or buying are required as well to cover their losses on daily bases. Failure to fulfill any of these would lead the future contracts not to be successful like those which were listed by Sydney future exchange….

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