History and Philosophy of Education Custom Research Paper

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This is a research paper which evaluate on History and philosophy of education. The research is based in the book “Philosophical Documents in Education (3rd Edition) which is authored by Johnson, Tony among others and published by Allyn & Bacon publishers in 2007. I will indentify the ideas, concept or phrases from each section of the introductory part of the book which has meaning to me and illustrate them. Johnson has noted that philosophical writing is not easy to read and understand however he has tried to summarize it in his book to make it easy to understand and use to formulate my own vision….

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His teaching style was unique with other Athenian teacher because he refused to tell his students on what to think but instead he helped them to improve their thinking process by being able to indentify their weaknesses and problems in their reasoning. This gave them an insight on how they should solve their problems…..

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…. The Athenians did not appreciate or understand Socrates tendency of challenging already established truths and such a negative way would be used to improve human souls. However it is only through discovery of faults….

In conclusion With the analysis of different philosophies in history of education it is evident that education has evolved over time just like other developments. Education also played a major role in setting up of governing bodies to take control of development of human kind. The rulers were selected from those people who were intelligent because it was believed that they were visionary and had skills and experience of the universe and they were believed to know what was good for those who they were leading. Acceptance of formal and non formal education by the leaders hastened development of education

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